5 Dangerous Critters Homeowners Absolutely Hate

5 Dangerous Critters Homeowners Absolutely Hate

Snake Removal Orlando FLSome critters are cute like dogs, cats and even those tiny fishes you have inside an aquarium. However, there are animals that don’t belong inside a home, but some of them might show up uninvited.

It would probably be one of the biggest scares in your life if you come home to a supposedly empty house just to be surprised by a living creature that you totally didn’t expect. It would be nice if it’s a cute little puppy with a red ribbon around its neck. But what if it’s a dangerous critter that can actually harm you or your family?

Here are some examples of animals that unexpectedly and uninvitingly show up to houses across the world and why they are considered dangerous. If you happen to spot one of these in your home, it’s better to get rid of them immediately.

  1. Snakes – While some people choose snakes as pets, there are many more who are just terrified of them. There are countless cases when a homeowner would encounter a snake right in the kitchen, garage, bathroom or even the living room. A snake can be very dangerous especially if its bite is venomous. A snakebite can even be deadly.
  1. Bats – Contrary to popular belief, a bat’s venom may not be fatal and would only cause a bit of discomfort to its prey. In fact, it’s only in the movies when they try to attack people, unless provoked in real life of course. They try to stay away form humans as much as they can. But if they happen to find their way into your home, they can be dangerous as some bat species may colonize your house. It could chew into your walls and damage wirings and insulation.
  1. Roaches – Truth be told, cockroaches can be considered one of the scariest insects to humans. One cockroach can easily make a full-grown adult scream, especially if it’s a flying one. While a cockroach bite won’t really kill you, it would leave a mark behind. What makes them dangerous though is that they leave a trail of germs and feces behind. And yes, they can easily take over your food too.
  1. Termites – Although quite uncommon, termites may bite humans too. Their bites are not life threatening though. They’re dangerous simply because they can chew through walls and ceilings non-stop. They multiply like crazy and when left unstopped, your home will soon be no longer safe for your family. Even worse, a termite’s presence in your home may cause asthma attacks and allergic reactions on your family.
  1. Mice, Rats and Rodents – When rats leave their feces behind on your food or water, you will certainly get sick. When their urine finds its way to an open wound on your body, you may get infected with the life-threatening disease called leptospirosis. To top it all, rats can eat practically everything in your home — your food, clothes, important papers and so much more!

When faced with a dangerous critter in your home, it is best to call on the experts. Animal Wildlife Trappers, Inc. has dealt with all kinds of wildlife removal including raccoon removal and more. We service Lake County, Polk County, Orange County and other areas across Orlando. Call us at 352-267-0546 for inquiries.

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